Maduro wins Venezuela presidential elections

  • Socialist Nicolas Maduro, the successor of the late Hugo Chavez, has won Venezuela's presidential elections by a narrow margin.

    Maduro won 50.7 percent of the vote compared to 49.1 percent for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles.

    Almost 19 million Venezuelans were eligible to vote.

    Capriles has rejected the results and demanded a recount. However, the electoral commission has said the results were "irreversible".

    The National Electoral Council's announcement was broadcast in the late hours of Sunday night.

    Maduro, groomed by Chavez as his successor, had been serving as acting president after Chavez died on March 5 following a two-year battle against cancer.

    Maduro, 50, will be sworn in on April 19 and will serve till January 2019 to complete the six-year term that Chavez was supposed to have started in January.

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