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  • Brussels’s Maelbeek metro station to reopen on Monday

    Apr 25, 2016 - Brussels’s Maelbeek metro station is all set to reopen on Monday. The metro station was shut down following a deadly ISIS suicide bombing in March which resulted in the death of 32 people. Media reports quoted the Brussels public transport service spokeswoman Francoise Ledune as saying that like the rest of the network, Maelbeek will resume service on Monday from 6 am until 10 pm.

    Belgium minister under fire for comments on Muslim community response to Brussels attacks

    Apr 21, 2016 - Jan Jambon, the Interior Minister of Belgium, has come under fire for his comments on the Muslim community’s response to the Brussels bomb attacks. According to media reports, the minister commented that a significant part of the Muslim community had danced in response to the deadly Brussels attacks. Following his comments, a Muslim group has made an official complaint, while several MPs have asked for evidence of his claim. At least 32 people were killed and several hundreds injured in the March 22 bomb attacks at the Maelbeek metro station and the Brussels airport.


    Helpline No. from Belgium authorities - (+32) 02 506 47 11


    [02.30 PM CET April 1, 2016]  Plans to reopen Brussels airport halted
    Following a strike by the airport police regarding security concerns, plans to partially reopen the Brussels airport have been halted. The airport was scheduled to reopen on Friday. Media reports quoted SLFP police union as saying that the security measures initiated for reopening the airport were not up to the mark. 
    [10.30 AM CET April 1, 2016]  Brussels attacks update: Zaventem airport to partially reopen today
    The Brussels airport, which was shutdown following the deadly bomb attacks, will partially reopen today. However, flights will not resume operations till Friday evening. Zaventem airport, which was badly hit when two suicide bombers blew themselves up in the departure hall, has been closed since March 22 when the attack took place. 

    [9.30 PM CET March 28, 2016]  Brussels attacks: Missing Infosys employee confirmed dead

    Infosys employee Raghvendran Ganesh has been identified as a 'victim of Brussels Metro terror strike,' when the officials declared him dead. The 28-year-old Infosys employee was at Maelbeek station when the suicide bomber struck.  

    [11.30 AM CET March 28, 2016]  Brussels blasts: Death toll rises to 35

    Four people, who were injured in the blasts on March 22, passed away in the hospital, pushing the death toll from 31 to 35. The Belgian health minister, Maggie De Block, made the announcement on her Twitter account today morning.

    [03.30 PM CET March 27, 2016] Belgian officials charge Fayçal Cheffou over core role in Brussels attacks

    Belgian officials have charged Fayçal Cheffou with playing an important role in the suicide bomb attacks on Brussels airport and metro. According to media reports, this man had described himself as an independent journalist.

    [02.15 PM CET March 27, 2016] Brussels Attacks: Belgian Police conclude investigation on site

    Belgian police, investigating blasts at the Brussels airport, have completed their investigation on site. As per media reports, at least 28 travelers were killed in the deadly airport blasts. As per a provisional inspection of the terminal, the main building was found to be stable. Many people have been arrested in Germany, Belgium, Italy, and France on terrorism charges since the Brussels attacks.

    [09.45 AM CET March 26, 2016] Brussels: Police avert terror attack, shoot man believed to be carrying bomb

    The police shot dead jihadist at a Brussels tram stop thereby foiling yet another terror attack. As per media reports, the jihadist was carrying a rucksack that was believed to contain explosives. The man was shot in the leg in the suburb of Schaerbeek on Friday. Eye-witnesses said the jihadist had tried to take the woman and a five-year-old child hostage.

    [07.15 AM CET March 26, 2016] Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam refuses to speak about Brussels blasts

    According to Belgian prosecutors, Salah Abdeslam, the Paris attack suspect, has refused to speak about the Brussels attacks. Media reports quoted the prosecutors as saying that Abdeslam, who was arrested in Brussels last week, was cooperative in the beginning. However, when interviewed after Tuesday’s bombing he said nothing and exercised his right to silence. Abdeslam was arrested just days before the attacks in Brussels.

    [17.45 PM CET March 25, 2016] Three explosions reported in Schaerbeek during police operation

    At least three explosions have been heard during an anti-terrorist operation in the Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek. According to Belgian media, at least one man has been ‘neutralized’ during the operation.

    [17.05 PM CET March 25, 2016]  Moroccan man arrested in Germany over Brussels blasts case

    German police have reportedly arrested a 28-year-old Moroccan man who had allegedly sent text messages to one of the Brussels bombers. The man was arrested in Giessen, near Frankfurt.

    [14.30 PM CET March 25, 2016]  Brussels Blasts Case: Eight people arrested in Belgium and France

    Belgian police have arrested seven men after conducting multiple raids following Tuesday’s airport and metro attacks in Brussels. Similarly, another man was detained in Paris for allegedly having links to the ISIS. According to authorities in France, they had thwarted a militant plot which was “at an advanced stage”.

    [13.30 PM CET March 25, 2016]  Two Americans among 31 killed in Brussels Blasts

    Alexander and Sascha Pinczowski, the two New York City siblings, have been killed in the terror attack. The Belgian authorities confirmed that the two died in the terrorist bombings in Brussels. Both the Belgian authorities and the Dutch Embassy identified the remains of Alexander and Sascha Pinczowski, who were both Dutch nationals.

    [05.15 AM CET March 25, 2016] Brussels attacks: Six people arrested

    The Belgian police have arrested six people in relation to the deadly Brussels attacks. Meanwhile, a major investigation is underway into the attacks which lead to 31 deaths. According to media reports, the people were arrested in the Schaerbeek district; however, there is no word yet on the suspects’ identities or their possible connections to the Brussels attacks 

    [15.30 PM CET] Belgian police discover ISIS flag, nail bomb in Schaerbeek neighborhood

    The cab driver, who reportedly took the suspects to the airport, gave police the address of the blasts suspects. Based on his information, the police raided a residence the neighborhood of Schaerbeek. Investigators discovered a nail bomb, chemical products, and an ISIS flag.

    [13.30 PM CET] Brussels blasts suspect arrested is not Najim, clarifies Belgian media

    Although Belgian media was right in reporting about the identification of Brussels airport suicide bombers as brothers – Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui – it wrongly identified the person arrested in the Anderlecht district as Najim Laachraoui. Najim is still at large.

    [12.15 PM CET] Brussels Airport announces suspension of operations on 24 March

    The latest communication from the officials of the Brussels airport made it clear that there will be no passenger flights into and out of the airport tomorrow, March. The passengers have been asked to contact their airlines for flight information.

    [09.30 AM CET] Brussels attacks: Two suspected ISIS suicide bombers identified

    Belgian police have identified two suspected Islamic State suicide bombers, whose images were captured on security cameras just before they attacked Brussels Airport on Tuesday. The suspected bombers – Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui – are brothers and residents of Brussels.

    [04.00 AM CET] Donald Trump blames Brussels blasts on ‘liberal’ border laws

    Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump renewed his call for tougher U.S. border security after the multiple blasts in Brussels. According to Trump, Trump said, “liberal” laws in Europe had made it difficult to thwart potential terror attacks.

    [23.30 PM CET]  EU Ministers to discuss Brussels Blasts

    Belgium has asked EU ministers to meet and discuss the attacks. The Netherlands, which is currently holding the European Union Presidency, will organize the meeting on Thursday.

    [21.00 PM CET] UN secretary-general condemns terror attacks in Brussels

    UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has reportedly condemned the “despicable” attacks in Brussels that killed at least 31 and injured more than 150 people. 

    [18.05 PM CET] Belgian officials release photograph of blast suspect, launch search operation

    Belgian police have launched a manhunt to arrest the two suspects. The federal prosecutors have released a photograph of one suspect who was seen dressed in white prior to the attack at Brussels airport. Police are also looking for the second man who fled the scene at Maelbeek.

    [17.35 PM CET] Third bomb found at the Brussels airport destroyed by security services

    The CEO of the Brussels airport informed the media that the third bomb was found at the airport and was detonated in a controlled explosion.

    [14.52 PM CET] Europe beefs up security after terror attacks in Brussels

    While security has been tightened at Charles de Gaulle airport (Paris), Frankfurt airport (Germany) and the airports in the Netherlands and the UK, the Dutch government has ordered extra checks on the border with Belgium.

    [14.23 PM CET] Transport system goes haywire after Brussels blasts

    Eurostar trains between Brussels, Lille and London have been suspended and mainline rail stations have also closed. Thalys trains connecting Brussels with Paris and Amsterdam are disrupted.

    [14.10 PM CET] Belgian police discover Kalashnikov assault rifle and suicide belt at airport

    The Belgian police have found a Kalashnikov assault rifle next to the dead attacker at Brussels airport. They have also discovered unexploded suicide belt at the airport.

    [13.58 PM CET] At least 34 killed, 151 wounded in Brussels attacks; terrorists still at large

    Two explosions in Brussels airport and the another at metro station have left at least 34 dead and injured 151 people, as per the latest reports. According to Belgian Foreign Minister, the government fear that suspects involved in the attacks are still at large.  

    [13.22 PM CET] US, European cities ramp up security after Brussels blasts

    Security in Paris, London, and New York City was beefed up after Brussels terror attack. The UK police increase presence at key sites after the blasts that killed at least 28 people.

    [13.02 PM CET] Slovenian diplomat injured during Brussels blasts

    Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec told media that a diplomat was injured in the metro blast while he was on his way to work. The Slovenian diplomat is in hospital and he is out of danger.

    [12.32 PM CET]  Belgian Health Minister says at least 136 injured in Brussels blasts

    Belgian Health Minister Maggie De Block said that a bomb blast in the subway injured 55 and an earlier attack at the airport killed injured 81 people.

    [12.15 PM CET] At least 28 killed in Brussels attacks

    Three explosions across Brussels have killed at least 28 people and injured around 35 people, according to Belgian media. While 15 were killed in a blast at a subway station, 13 others were killed in two blasts at Brussels airport.


    Use of Hydrogen Peroxide bombs hints at ISIS role in Brussels attacks

    Security analysts are of the opinion that hydrogen peroxide bomb has been used in the attacks, which are similar to the ones used in Paris and London attacks. It's a “signature of Al Qaeda and ISIS.”

    Brussels hit by blind attacks: Belgian Prime Minister

    Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said that the country has witnessed its worst fear. He rued the fact that many have already died and several others have been seriously injured in Brussels attacks

    Another explosion in Brussels; this time near EU institutions

    An explosion has been reported on the street where European Union institutions are located. 

    At least 21 people dead in Brussels blasts

    According to Pierre Meys, a spokesman for the Brussels fire brigade, at least 21 people have died in the attacks on Brussels airport and metro system.


    Indian External Affairs Minister assures assistance to people following Brussels attacks

    External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj informed over Twitter that she was in touch with the Indian Ambassador in Brussels and assured all possible assistance. There is no report of any Indian casualty. Indians in Belgium can contact Embassy Emergency numbers: +32-26409140; +32-26451850 (PABX) & +32-476748575 (mobile).

    European Parliament, Putin condemn 'heinous attacks' in Brussels

    While Martin Schultz, president of the European Parliament, condemned the terror attacks in Brussels, the Russian President Vladimir Putin described the suicide attacks as "barbaric acts" and expressed his condolences to Belgian people.


    Brussels airport to remain closed till Wednesday 6 AM; Netherlands beefs up security

    Brussels airport will remains closed until 6 AM. on Wednesday and all incoming and departing flights have been canceled. In fact, all main railway stations are closed. The Dutch military has beefed up security at airports and borders after attacks.


    Brussels Airport blast was a 'suicide attack', confirms federal prosecutor

    According to the federal prosecutor in the Brussels blasts case, it was a planned suicide attack.


    Security tightened in Delhi Airport; all flights from Mumbai to Brussels canceled

    Security has been tightened in Delhi Airport after security alert was issued hours after the explosions in Brussels airport. The Mumbai airport also confirmed that all flights to Brussels have been canceled. Jet Airways helpline numbers: India 1800225522; United States 1-877-8359538; United Kingdom 08081011199 


    EU institutions in Brussels put on terror alert

    While the EU canceled all meetings and restricted access to its buildings, the alert level for its institutions has been raised to orange.


    Brussels Metro shuts down after blast

    The explosion at Maalbeek station, near the EU institutions prompted a complete shutdown of the metro system. Neither trams nor buses are running either.


    After Airport, Brussels Metro comes under attack; at least 11 people killed

    [10.00 AM CET] - At least 11 people have died and dozens have been injured after twin blasts at Brussels Airport this morning. According to Belgian media, gunshots were heard before the explosions near an American Airlines departure desk and slogans in Arabic were heard. After the third explosion went off at a station in central Brussels, the Metro system was closed down. The country has been put on terror level 4.

    Twin blasts in Brussels Airport kill one, injure several passengers

    Tuesday, 22 March 2016 [09.20 AM CET] - Two explosions occurred in the departure hall of Belgium’s Zaventem airport on Tuesday morning. At least one people died and several were reported injured. It is too early to say whether it was a planed terror attack. After the two loud explosions, the rail traffic to the airport was suspended. There was no official announcement on the cause of the attack. Belgian authorities were on alert after a suspected perpetrator of Paris attacks in November was arrested in Brussels on March 19. Images received from social media sites revealed smoke billowing from the departure hall where all windows had been shattered. Passengers were seen running in confusion.

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