Libyan Civil War in Southern Tripoli Claims 187 Lives and Injures More Than 1000

  • A ministry of health spokesperson said on Saturday that the recent fighting in Libya’s Tripoli has killed 187 people and left 1,157 others wounded. Head of the government forces’ Field Medical Centre, Tarek al-Hamshiri, said that many wounded persons have been transferred by the government to various other countries (including Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, and Tunisia) for treatment. Khalifa Haftar’s (Eastern Libya-based military commander) offensive to take control of Tripoli has now entered its 5th week. The UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) earlier issued a statement that the on-going civil war in Libya has claimed lives of more than 710 fighters. However, sources say that the statement was issued to win support from the mountain town of Zintan to strengthen the GNA’s strength against the military commander Khalifa Haftar’s offensive.