Libya postpones election to July 7

  • Libya's first election in more than 50 years has been postponed by 18 days due to logistical issues.

    The assembly election, which is set to overhaul the autocratic system of rule put in place by ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi, will now take place on July 7 instead of June 19.

    Electoral Commission officials said the delay was due to preparation for the polls, including voter registration and making sure candidates had no links to Gaddafi, taking longer than anticipated.

    The election comes as Libya attempts to build democratic institutions after last year's Arab Spring revolt.

    During his 42-year rule, Gaddafi banned direct elections, saying they were bourgeois and anti-democratic.

    The last time the country held multi-party national elections were in 1952, during the reign of King Idris.