Libya interior minister quits following Sufi shrine attacks

  • Libya's interior minister has stepped down in the wake of a series of attacks on Sufi Muslim shrines in the country.

    Fawzi Abdelali resigned in protest at criticism from Congress over his handling of the situation.

    The latest incidents include attacks on two Sufi shrines, which were blamed on ultra-conservative Salafi Islamists.

    Fundamentalist Salafists view the shrines of the Sufi sect, which practices a mystical form of Islam, as idolatrous.

    Attacks on shrines of sects have been on the rise following the end of the eight-month civil war that toppled Col Muammar Gaddafi.

    The newly elected General National Congress had previously accused the interior ministry's High Security Committee of failing to prevent the violence.

    The committee includes rebels who fought against Gaddafi's forces last year and were then incorporated within the interior ministry.