Large parts destroyed in the new fire at Nairobi Airport

  • A fire that had destroyed and damaged the International Airport in Nairobi restarted on Thursday. There was no comment from the authorities immediately and large parts of the terminal were destroyed by the blaze that had broken out Wednesday. 

    There were no casualties and the domestic flights resumed shortly, according to the authorities. International flights, too resumed from a different area of the airport but it wasn't clear as to how the new fire would affect them. 

    This blaze could have a serious impact on tourism as well as on the export of products since Nairobi is a major travel hub in the country and agricultural products are exported from the region several times a week. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta has assured the aviation industry and international travelers that things will get back to normal. 

    Secretary of Communications Manoah Esipisu said "to the thousands of passengers, including tourists, whose journeys were disrupted, the president shares your concerns and regrets the inconvenience."

    He also mentioned that "the cause of the fire is being investigated."

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