Labor Party Fell Short of Majority, Winston Peter Emerges as Kingmaker

  • New Zealand’s Labor Party leader 37 years old Jacinda Ardern vowed to continue her fight to unseat the National Party-led current government even as her party won just 45 seats (winning 35.8 per cent votes), falling far short of the 61 seats (out of the total 120 parliament seats) needed to form the government. Ruling National Party won 58 seats (46 per cent votes), also fell short of the coveted majority. New Zealand First’s Winston Peters (a 72 year old lawyer, an unpredictable populist, and anti-immigration politician) won 9 seats (7.5 per cent votes) and emerged as the Kingmaker. Labor’s Arden is all set to approach Peters, followed by James Shaw of Green Party (won 7 seats).

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