Man Killed at Airport was Kim Jong-nam, confirms Malaysia

  • Man Killed at Kuala Lumpur Airport was Kim Jong-nam, confirms Malaysia

    March 11, 2017: As per reports, Malaysian police officially confirmed that man who was killed at Kuala Lumpur airport last month was Kim Jong-nam. However, inspector general of the Royal Malaysia Police Khalid Abu Bakar refused to explain on how the man’s identity was confirmed. He cited concerns over safety and security of the witnesses.

    He further confirmed that Kim’s relatives were informed but it seems no one is claiming his body. Kim’s body will be handed over to the Malaysian Health Ministry as no claims have come forward yet, he added.

    Malaysians Barred from Exiting North Korea

    March 7, 2017: As per reports, Malaysians in North Korea have been banned from leaving the country. The step has been taken after the growing diplomatic row over the death of Kim Jong-nam. According to a North Korean state news agency, Malaysians in North Korea can easily carry on their lives as normal.

    In a tit-for-tat action, Malaysia has barred the North Korean embassy officials from exiting the nation.

    Both the countries have expelled each other’s ambassadors.

    Malaysia says No to Visa-free Entry for North Koreans

    March 2, 2017: As per reports, North Koreans will no more be allowed for a visa-free entry in Malaysia, as it has been ended by the latter. The step has been taken as Malaysia suspects several North Koreans for being involved in the murder of Kim Jong-nam.

    Two women from foreign countries were charged with killing of Kim Jong-nam on Wednesday.

    Kim's body still remains in a mortuary in Kuala Lumpur and will be handed over to close relatives who can produce a DNA sample.

    Two Foreign Women Charged with Murder

    March 1, 2017: As per reports, Doan Thi Huong from Vietnam and Siti Aisyah from Indonesia have been charged for murdering Kim Jong-nam. If the duo are convicted of murder, they may face death penalty.

    The two women appeared in a court near Kuala Lumpur. After the charge was read out in the court, Doan Thi Huong said she understands but she is not guilty.

    The women will be appearing in the court again on 13 April.

    Kim Jong-nam Killed by Highly Toxic Nerve Agent

    February 24, 2017: The Chemistry Department of Malaysia released a preliminary report which mentioned that VX nerve agent was the chemical substance that was used to kill Kim Jong-nam. This toxic nerve agent is categorized as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations.

    As per reports, though Malaysia has not directly blamed the North Korean state, but has mentioned that North Koreans were behind the death.

    Malaysia Searches for a North Korea Embassy Official

    February 22, 2017: Reports reveal that Malaysian police is looking for a North Korean senior official, who is suspected of having some connection with the killing of Kim Jong-nam.

    Confirmed details from the police say that Kim Jong-nam was approached by two women at the Kuala Lumpur airport who wiped a toxin on his face.

    North Korea is suspected of being behind the attack, which has been denied by the country's envoy in Malaysia.

    Footage Shows Attack on Kim Jong-nam

    February 20, 2017: A closed circuit television footage which was released on Monday showed the moment when Kim Jong Nam was attacked, along with the events that led up to his death. The footage shows him walking over to a desk which was followed by he being escorted to a hospital clinic at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2.

    Reports say four suspects have been arrested and the police is looking for four more. Of the eight suspects, five are North Korean.

    Women Arrested for Poisoning Kim Jong-nam

    February 16, 2017: As per reports, in connection with the death of Kim Jong-nam, a second woman has been arrested. She had an Indonesian passport and was identified from the CCTV footage of the airport.

    The other woman arrested was traveling on a Vietnamese passport and will be appearing in court.

    According to the police, the post-mortem examination of Kim Jong-nam's body is over, but the result is yet to be made public.

    Malaysia has not yet confirmed that it was Kim Jong-nam who was the same dead man traveling under the name Kim Chol, but as per South Korea, it is certain.

    Kim Jong-nam Dies at Kuala Lumpur Airport

    February 15, 2017: The death of Kim Jong-nam, North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un's half-brother, has been confirmed by South Korea. As per reports, Kim Jong-nam died after a poison attack at the Kuala Lumpur airport on Monday.

    The motive behind his death is still not known, neither the attackers have been identified.

    South Korea's acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn mentioned that if North Korea is behind this poison attack on Kim Jong-nam, it will reflect its "brutality and inhumane nature".