Kenyan intelligence warned of the possibility of mall attack

  • Kenya's National Intelligence Service had warned a number of the nation's Cabinet members as well as defense officials of the possibility of an attack by Al-Shabaab one year prior to the recent attack at the Nairobo mall. 

    The warnings were part of the regular situational reports that are given to military intelligence, cabinet members, the inspector general of police and members of the National Security Advisory Council. 

    There exists an electronic version of the reports, which specify various potential terror threats from regions across the country over an extended period. The reports specify the threat posed to several targets by Al-Shabaab including Westgate Shopping Mall. 

    There have recently been revelations that the mall had been considered a possible target for its popularity among tourists and Westerners. There's also evidence, which proves that hostages were tortured during the attack. CNN reported to have seen a photo of a dead victim with an amputated hand. 

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