Karim Cheurfi, a Convicted Criminal, Identified as the Paris Champs Elysees Attacker

  • As per reports, the Public Prosecutor in Paris has named Karim Cheurfi as the gunman who carried out the shooting at Champs Elysees in Paris earlier this week.

    A resident of Livry-Gargan suburb in north-eastern Paris, Karim Cheurfi had four previous convictions and has been jailed for attempted murder, violence and theft. 

    On 20 April, acting alone, Cheurfi drove an Audi to Champs Elysees and pulled up next to a parked Police bus. Stepping out, he opened fire at the police, killing Officer Xavier Jugelé, 37 on the spot. Counter fire by policemen present there left Cheurfi dead. 

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    Location Map of Paris Shooting at Champs Elysees