Jerusalem: Al Jazeera's Office Raided by Malaysian Police as the Broadcasters Allegedly Conducted Biased Investigation

  • Malaysian Police carried a raid at broadcaster Al Jazeera's office in Jerusalem and two other local TV stations on Tuesday. During the investigation, their computers were seized for a documentary on undocumented migrants that made the government furious. The complaint was filed for the broadcaster was inaccurate and biased in their investigation. Further, seven Al Jazeera staff members have been grilled by police as part of the probe for alleged sedition charges. In a statement given by Al Jazeera, a Qatari-state owned broadcaster said, "police seized two computers during the raid, which is called a "troubling escalation" in a government crackdown on media freedom." It urged Malaysian authorities to cease the criminal investigation. The raid was conducted jointly with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

    Map of Jerusalem

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