Jeremy Corbin says Theresa May hasn't yet Moved the Red Line to Secure a Bi-partisan Agreement

  • Britain’s opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has told media on Saturday that British Prime Minister Theresa May hasn’t yet moved the red lines, which is blocking a Brexit deal for the country to leave the European Union. Britain is all set to leave the EU on April 12, 2019, and May’s minority government is struggling to accumulate numbers to pass a Brexit deal through the parliament. She has announced to meet and discuss the deal with Corbyn for securing a bi-partisan agreement. However, Corbyn has alleged that Theresa hasn’t yet shown the needed flexibility so that the Labor party can say “yes” to the agreement. He stressed on the need of moving the red lines and reaching a decision that can be passed in the parliament, thereby preventing a crash out of the EU. Till now no arrangement has been made in the weekends for the two to meet and discuss.