Japan Braces for Typhoon Faxai, Many Flights and Bullet Train Services Cancelled on Sunday

  • Japan Meteorological Agency has said that Typhoon Faxai is going to hit Japan at a destructive wind speed of 216 kph (134 mph) on Sunday. This will be followed by overnight heavy rain. That’s why the authorities have cancelled all the trains and flights in Tokyo. The agency also said that in the coming 24 hours, the typhoon can pour as much as 300 mm of rain. The Japan Meteorological Agency’s website also said: “there is a risk of record-breaking winds in the capital and other regions.” National broadcaster NHK has warned about high-speed winds, heavy rains, flooding, and landslides, thereby damaging houses and felling power lines. Reports say 20 flights have been cancelled on Sunday from two airports of Tokyo and 50 bullet train services have been either cancelled or suspended in the Tokyo-Osaka line from 0900 hours GMT.