Ivory Coast closes Ghana border after attack

  • Ivory Coast has shut its border with Ghana after several people were killed in an attack along an army checkpoint.

    Ivorian Defence Minister Paul Koffi Koffi said "armed elements from Ghana" carried out the attack in the border town of Noe.

    At least five attackers were killed while others fled back across the border.

    Ivory Coast has in the past blamed attacks on its security forces on supporters of ex-President Laurent Gbagbo, some of whom live in exile in Ghana.

    The closure affects the 450-mile land, sea and air border with Ghana until further notice.

    The west African nation is recovering from months of unrest following a disputed election.

    Around 3,000 people died in fighting that stemmed from the November 2010 poll after Gbagbo refused to accept defeat to President Ouattara, who eventually ousted his rival with the aid of former rebel forces, the United Nations and former colonial power France.

    Gbagbo is currently in The Hague to be put on trial at the International Criminal Court on charges of crimes against humanity.