Sgt Elor Azaria Case

  • Two Arrested over Threats to Judges

    January 5, 2017: As per reports, two people have been arrested by the police in Israel. These two people have been accused of inciting violence against the judges who are responsible for the conviction of a young soldier of shooting dead a Palestinian attacker.

    Reports say that the judges have received threats online. They have been given a security detail.


    Israeli Soldier Convicted of Manslaughter

    January 4, 2017: An Israeli soldier, Sgt Elor Azaria, 20 shot a wounded Palestinian attacker in the head while the latter was lying immobile on the road. The incident took place in Hebron last March after the killing of another soldier by the Palestinian attacker.

    As per reports, Azaria thought that the attacker had explosive vest but the prosecutors say that Azaria wanted to take revenge.

    However, some senior politicians have backed Azaria and also rallies have been there to support him.

    The verdict was delivered on Wednesday in which Azaria's defence was rejected by a panel of three military judges.