Israel official suggests tightening of sanctions on Iran

  • The Minister of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs for Israel, Yuval Steinitz has stated that international sanctions are the order to the day as far as pressuring Iran’s administration for its nuclear program is concerned.

    Recently, Iran has elected a new president and majority of his votes have come from the reformists. However, that has not seemingly reduced the apprehensions of Steinitz. He feels that in spite of this development, there will not be much change in the nuclear program of the West Asian country as it is still being controlled by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Incidentally, it is the duty of Steinitz to look at the nuclear program of Iran and perhaps also decide on how it may be used by the creators.

    In many ways, the victory of Hassan Rowhani, the newly elected President of Iran, was a surprise for many. However decisions regarding important matters such as nuclear program, foreign affairs and defense will be firmly controlled by the clerics in power as well as the Revolutionary Guard who act as their protectors. According to Israel, Iran with nuclear armaments is a dangerous proposition. Iran has already called for the demolition of Israel but stated that its nuclear program is only being used for peaceful reasons.