Nightclub Attack in Istanbul

  • Nightclub Attack Suspect Arrested

    January 17, 2017: The main suspect in the New Year's Eve attack at a nightclub in Istanbul has been arrested by Turkish police. Abdulkadir Masharipov, an Uzbek national, was caught in Istanbul's Esenyurt district. He is believed to have mounted the attack, which killed 39 people and injured many.

    The victims were citizens from Israel, Tunisia, France, Lebanon, Belgium, India, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

    The responsibility of the attack was claimed by the so-called Islamic State, saying it was a revenge against the Turkish military for their involvement in Syria.


    Turkish Police Detains Uighurs' in Raids

    January 5, 2017: A number of people of Uighur origin have been arrested by the Turkish police over a deadly attack at nightclub on the day of New Year which killed 39 people.

    As per reports, people who have been detained came from China's Xinjiang region and have ties to the attacker. The police say that the suspect is probably an Uighur and received help, though he acted alone.

    The suspect is still on the run.


    Turkish Government Identifies Nightclub Gunman

    January 4, 2017: As per reports, the gunman who killed 39 people and injured more than 69 people in an attack on Istanbul nightclub on New Year's day, has been identified by the Turkish government. Although a grainy image has been published by the police, but the suspect has not yet been named publicly.


    ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack at Nightclub in Istanbul

    January 2, 2017: ISIS claimed responsibility for the the lethal attack at the nightclub in Istanbul which killed at least 39 club customers and staff. However, ISIS did not provide any evidence to prove that the attack was carried by them.

    The Kurdistan Worker's Party, or PKK distanced itself from the attack by issuing a statement during the early hours of January 1.

    Turkish authorities are still hunting for the man who is responsible for the attack. Around 69 people were hospitalized and 46 still being treated.

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