Iraqi Forces Retake Government Offices in Mosul

  • Iraqi Troops Retake Main Government Offices in Mosul

    March 7, 2017: Reports say that the government offices in Mosul have been retaken by the Iraqi troops from the so-called Islamic State (IS) group. The surprise attack on the government offices was launched overnight. The museum and the central bank's main branch have also been captured by the forces.

    Militants are still entrenched in the heavily-populated old city.

    Thousands of civilians are moving out of Mosul every day.


    Iraqi Forces Capture Mosul's Bridge over Tigris

    March 6, 2017: As per reports, Mosul's bridge over the River Tigris has been captured by the Iraqi government forces. Of the five bridges, it is the second to be recaptured ever since the operation of retaking the city from Islamic terrorist group started in October.

    The incident took place a day after a new push against the western part of Mosul was launched by the Iraqi troops.

    The bridges were damaged so that the IS could not reinforce their position in the east.

    Before the assault began, around 750,000 people were living in the west of the city.

    Reports say that as the fighting intensified, around 45,000 people fled, and handling the number of people arriving in the camp became difficult for the aid agencies.