Iran's Khamenei Accuses US-backed Gulf Arab Countries for the Recent Military Parade Attack

  • Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has accused the US-backed Gulf Arab countries in aiding and abetting the shooters that killed 29 people (out of which 12 belong to the elite Revolutionary Guards of Iran) during a military parade. In the published statement, Khamenei went on to say that the recent attack is part of the continued plot of some regional countries (which he referred to as puppets of the United States) “to create insecurity” in Iran. Reports say a group named Ahvaz National Resistance (ANR) claimed responsibility of the attack. ANR is reportedly part of the Iranian ethnic Arab opposition movement that demands a separate state surrounding the petroleum-rich Khuzestan province. While 70 people were reportedly wounded during the assault, the 4 terrorists were killed by the security forces on the spot.