Iran says US Humiliated after UN Security Council Refuses to Extend an Arms Embargo on Tehran, US President Trump vows "Snapback"

  • US President Donald Trump has said during a press conference at his New Jersey golf club that “We’ll be doing a snapback. You’ll be watching it next week.” His comment comes when asked about his response to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s statement saying that the UN Security Council’s overwhelming rejection of extending arms embargo on Tehran is a humiliating defeat for the United States. The only 2 votes in favor of extending the arms embargo on Iran were that of the US and the Dominican Republic. While China and Russia moved against the arms embargo, 11 other members of the UN Security Council including Germany, Britain, and France abstained from voting. US President Donald Trump has vowed to use a contentious provision for unilaterally reinstating UN sanctions on Iran. However, its European allies are skeptical about whether the United States can indeed force sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Political experts believe that the UN Security Council may plunge into one of its worst diplomatic crises if the US indeed goes ahead with a “snapback”. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said while participating in NATO military exercises in Poland that “The United States is determined to make sure that the Iranians and this regime, this theocratic regime does not have the capacity to inflict even more harm on the world.”