Iran Overwhelmingly Re-elects Reformist Hassan Rouhani as New President

  • President Hassan Rouhani has emphatically won the Iranian presidential election for the second time. Rouhani (known as a moderate who is aligning Iran to re-engage internationally) has said after his victory that people have rejected extremism and chosen the "path of engagement with the world". Reports say that over 41.2 million people voted, out of the 56 million eligible Iranian voters, ensuring an over 70 per cent turnout in this decisive May 19 presidential election. Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, Interior Minister of Iran, announced live on state television that Rouhani received 57 per cent (23,549,616 votes) of the cast ballot, followed by his conservative rival Ebrahim Raisi who received 38.5 per cent (15,786,449) votes. Other lesser known candidates Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim and Mostafa Hashemi-Taba received 478,215 and 215,450 votes respectively. Mohammad Khatami, key Rouhani ally and formed president, said that "Hope prevailed over isolation".