Iran fails at executing criminal

  • Although, Iran has had plenty of practice executing criminals, it failed to kill a 37-year old drug smuggler.

    Alireza was sentenced to death after being caught for possessing a kilogram of meth; officials hanged him for 12 minutes and sent the body for burial after pronouncing him dead. 

    However, morgue workers discovered that the criminal was still alive for there was steam in the plastic he was covered in; the state ended up hospitalizing the man they attempted to kill. 

    Alireza's relative said they couldn't believe "he was still alive" and his "two daughters are very happy."

    Iranian judges, however, plan on hanging him again as soon as he fully recovers; Amnesty International mentioned that doing so twice would be brutal and a betrayal to "a basic lack of humanity."

    It mentioned that the death penalty is not helping the country in terms of drug trafficking in any way whatsoever; the number of people executed in the country this year has not decreased since Hasan Rouhani was elected. 

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