India underwater missile test-fire successful

  • India successfully test fired its underwater ballistic missile K-15 code-named B05, off the Visakhapatnam coast, marking an end to a series of developmental trials. In its 12th flight trial, the 10-metre tall Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) lifted off and rose to an altitude of 20 km, reaching a distance of about 700 km as it splashed down in the waters of the Bay of Bengal close to the pre-designated target point. The missile was tested for its full range and the impact accuracy of the medium range strategic missile was in single digit. With the completion of developmental trials, the process of integrating the K-15 missile with INS Arihant, the indigenously-built nuclear submarine, will begin soon. India is the fifth country to have such a missile; the other four are the United States, France, Russia and China.

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