India to face massive cyclone half the size of the country

  • A catastrophic tropical cyclone is expected to hit the eastern coast of India; the winds have been estimated to be 161 mph and gusts about 190 mph. These wind speeds qualify Cyclone Phailin to a category five hurricane. In fact, the size as well as the intensity of the Phailin make it quite similar in strength to Hurricane Katrina that struck in 2005.

    WeatherBell meterologist Ryan Maue reported saying the effects "in terms of surge will be catastrophic, with the potential to erase most houses, crops and infrastructure."

    At least 40,000 people have already fled their homes and the authorities are attempting to move another 100,000 people to areas that are safer. 

    This cyclone is going to the strongest one to hit the country in 14 years; it's expected to affect the state of Orissa, which has a total population of 40 million. 

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