India School's headmistress may be to blame for deadly lunch

  • The headmistress of the Indian School where 23 students died after eating lunch is being looked for by the police who have reason to believe that she could be the cause of this tragedy. The unnamed woman and her husband are said to have fled after the incident. The husband reportedly owns the grocery store where the oil that contained pesticides was bought from. Moreover, the headmistress had given her approval to the same oil and the potatoes were seen to be kept next to pesticides in their home. 

    The woman had also forced the cook to continue the cooking the meal without checking the quality of the oil, as reported by CNN. A grandmother of one of the victims told BBC that people must never forget that their children died because of negligence by the government. 

    The midday meal was introduced in the schools of India to boost attendance but students are now refusing it. 

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