India defense minister accuses Pakistan of being behind fatal attack

  • India's defense minister has accused Pakistan of being behind the ambush that killed five Indian troops this week. 

    Defense Minister A.K. Anthony said "it is now clear that the specialist troops of the Pakistan army were involved in this attack when a group from the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir crossed the Line of Control and killed our brave jawans. We all know that nothing happens from the Pakistan side of the Line of Control without the support, assistance, facilitation and often, direct involvement of the Pakistan army."

    The Indian soldiers had reportedly been attacked by 20 armed terrorists and soldiers and this is being considered as a violation of the cease fire between Pakistan and India. 

    Pakistan has denied the accusation and it's Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned its own wounded soldiers killed by Indian firing across the Line of Control Tuesday.

    Efforts have been made in the recent months to resume peace talk between these two countries, which possess nuclear weapons. 

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