Hurricane Laura kills 16 in the US, Recorded as Fourth Strongest Hurricane in US History

  • The Associated Press has said that the death toll from Hurricane Laura has reached 16 in the United States. Most of the deaths were caused in Louisiana, followed by Texas. Reports say that more than half of the deaths were caused by the poisoning of carbon monoxide, which took place due to the unsafe operation of power generators. Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana as a Category 4 storm when the wind was blowing at the speed of 150 miles per hour. In US history, it was the 4th strongest hurricane. In fact, it was the strongest hurricane to hit Louisiana since 1856. Though Laura was not as destructive as forecasted, the wind gusts in Louisiana’s Lake Charles reached 137 mph. It caused 9 feet storm surge in the state and rainfall of 10 inches. Nearly two dozen more deaths were reported in Haiti and the Dominican Republic as Hurricane Laura passed through the place en route to the US Gulf Coast. Till now 4 tornadoes were produced by the storm. Laura is losing its tropical features as it moves over Arkansas. Poweroutage.us has said that Hurricane Laura has left many people without power in Louisiana (485,192), Texas (106,801), and Arkansas (26,373).  With heavy rain continuing in many areas, a flash flood watch has been issued for Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas.