House Passes Bill to inject US$25 billion into Cash-Starved US Postal Service

  • The Democrat-dominated US House of Representatives has passed a bill on Saturday for injecting an emergency fund of US$25 billion into the cash-crunched United States Postal Service (USPS). This new bill was passed in the House in a 257-150 vote. Interestingly, 26 Republicans in the House supported the bill despite the US President Donald Trump actively urging the Republicans to oppose it. The White House also reportedly threatened to veto the bill just before the voting. However, the GOP-controlled US Senate is unlikely to pass this bill as the Republicans oppose the proposal. The Trump administration has made many significant changes in the USPS policy, which includes cutting overtime for employees, limiting hours of the post office, and removal of high-volume mail-sorting machines from the facilities of USPS. Reports say that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has decided to roll back some of the recent changes done in the USPS system. However, he made it clear that the already removed mail collection boxes and sorting machines will not be replaced. Democrats argue that the Trump administration’s recent changes in the USPS policy are meant to intentionally slow the postal service, which will ultimately hinder the processing of mail-in ballots (which is expected to hit an unprecedented number due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic) during the 2020 Presidential election in November this year. However, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy (who is an ally as well as a donor of President Donald Trump) has denied the Democrat allegations and said that the USPS policy changes were done for saving money and also increasing efficiency.