Horacio Cartes wins Paraguay presidential polls

  • Businessman Horacio Cartes was elected president in Paraguay on Sunday.

    The result brings the Colorado Party back into power following its defeat by the left-wing candidate Fernando Lugo in 2008.

    Cartes now faces the challenge of tackling high poverty rates and ending the country's isolation in the region after last year's disputed impeachment of Lugo.

    Cartes won the election with 45.91 percent of the votes compared to 36.84 percent for Efrain Alegre of the ruling Liberal Party.

    Around 70 percent of the 3.5 million registered voters cast their ballots.

    A successful businessman and soccer industry heavyweight, Cartes owns more than 20 companies with interests ranging from tobacco and meat to soft drinks and plane industries. He entered politics in 2009.

    He is set to take office for five years on August 15.

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