Hong Kong Protesters Hit the Streets again to Make Administration Considers All of their Demands

  • On Sunday, the Hong Kong protesters are back on the streets with renewed vigor for a series of marches and rallies. The problem started overnight when a person tried to clear barricades and police reciprocated by firing tear gas. The renewed protects after a rare period of calm during the recent district council elections include 3 main events. One of these 3 events includes a march to the US consulate thanking the United States for passing legislation backing the protest movement in the city. The organizers of the anti-government protesters say that they will continue their protest march until all their 5 demands are met. A decent performance in the recent district council election is only the beginning and they will not stop their protest till all their demands are accepted by the Hong Kong administration. Police have reportedly issued “letters of no objection” for all the 3 planned events.