Hong Kong Police Arrests 9 People for helping 12 Activists to Flee to Taiwan

  • Hong Kong police have arrested 9 people on the suspicion that they had helped 12 Hong Kong activists to flee the region to Taiwan back in August. However, these activists were intercepted by the Chinese authorities when their boat was intercepted near Shenzhen, a southern city of China. They have been accused of illegal border crossing and detained on the charges of fueling anti-government protests in Hong Kong last year. Family members of the activists and human rights groups allege that the authorities of Hong Kong helped China in the arrests and that they were denied access to independent lawyers. Hong Kong police’s superintendent in charge of the organized crime and triad bureau, Ho Chun-tung, said that 4 men and 5 women were arrested on the charges of arranging transport for the 12 fugitives back in August. He dismissed allegations that the Hong Kong Police had helped Chinese authorities in the arrest of these 12 activists. Reports say that authorities of China had seized HK$500,000 ($64,500) in cash, computers, mobile phones, and documents (regarding the purchase of the boat) from the fleeing activists. Hong Kong authorities have said that “needed and feasible” assistance has been offered to the families of the arrested activists.