Hiroshima marks anniversary of US atomic bomb

  • Tens of thousands gathered at a peace memorial park in Hiroshima to mark the 68th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city. 

    Survivors, government officials as well as foreign delegates observed a moment of silence at the time the bomb was detonated on August 6, 1945. This had marked one of the final chapters of World War II. Three days later, Nagasaki was bombed as well. 

    People have argued that these bombings resulted in Japan's surrender and putting an end to the war while preventing millions of more casualties. 

    Tokyo said the timing of this ceremony was purely coincidental with the unveiling of Japan's biggest-ever naval ship in peacetime. 

    Clifton Truman Daniel, grandson of former US president Harry Truman was one of the people who attended the ceremony in Hiroshima last year. His grand father had authorized the bombings and Truman was the first relative to attend the annual anniversary in Japan. 

    According to officials, this day was scheduled for the ceremony due to favorable ocean tides and also because the date was auspicious. 

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