Hindus, Muslims clash kills 19 in Muzaffarnagar, India

  • Troops have been deployed after the deadly riots between Muslims and Hindus, which started as three villagers in northern India were killed after they objected to a woman being harassed. 

    The two groups attacked each other with knives and guns in the state of Uttar Pradesh, killing 19 people including a photo journalist and a police photographer. Several people were injured as the violence spread to the neighboring areas of the Kawal village in Muzaffarnagar district. 

    The clashes happened as thousands of farmers met in Kawal in order to demand justice for the August 27 incident where three men were killed for protecting a woman who was being abused verbally. 

    Reports say that some people gave provocative speeches regarding Muslims during the meeting and the farmers were attacked as they returned home. 

    According to a police official, the attack was well planned. "Some were armed with rifles and sharp-edged weapons," he said. 

    Reportedly, there had been tensions since the killing of those three men. "Had the killers been arrested," a leader from the Bharatiya Janata Party said. "The situation might not have gone out of hand."

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