Heavy Downpour and Extreme Flooding in St. Louis and NYC

  • Heavy downpour has caused severe flooding in the St. Louis area (Missouri, USA).

    Travel in NYC has been adversely affected as business hub’s streets turned into flood zones.

    While Northeast braces heavy rains, Midwest dealt with the ongoing problem of overflowing rivers, especially Mississippi River (located south of St. Louis).

    After weeks of rainfall, Meramec River’s (travels through St. Louis’ suburbs) water level rose to a staggering 46.11 feet (record level).

    Reports say dozens have died in worst affected St. Louis region and transportation has been shut down completely.

    Missouri Department of Transportation’s official, Tom Blair, has said that 100 highways in the St. Louis region have been adversely affected by heavy rainfall.

    Some rivers and streams have reportedly started receding after days of rainfall. However, central USA is yet to come out of danger.