Guatemala to Elect their Next President on 2nd Round of Presidential Election on Sunday

  • Guatemala gets ready to elect its next President on Sunday. The two main contenders for the President’s position are ex-first lady Sandra Torres and ex-prison chief Alejandro Giammattei. While it will be the 4th run for the Presidential race by the 63 years old Alejandro Giammattei, it will be the 3rd run for 63 years old Sandra Torres. This election will be fought on four issues: insecurity of living in Guatemala, high unemployment rate, high cost of living, and corruption. The first round of the Presidential race was held on June 16. Nineteen candidates contested but none received 50% of the votes. The second round will be fought between the top two candidates. The candidate receiving the maximum number of votes in the second round will be declared as the President, who will reportedly assume office in January 2020 to govern the country for the next 4 years.