Gold nuggets found in plane toilet

  • While busting an international gold smuggling outfit at the airport in Chennai, Indian Intelligence found 32 gold nuggets hidden inside a plane toilet. 

    The Air India flight was on its way to Delhi from Dubai; Hence, Delhi could have been the final destination of the gold. 

    The nuggets were hidden in two camcorder bags and weighed a kilogram each. 

    "The passengers from Dubai and the two passengers from Chennai to Delhi had booked their tickets in executive class. We're not ruling out the role of some airlines insiders in this smuggling bid," an officer said. "It is strange that no airline staff spotted two big bags inside the toilet next to flight captain's cabin."

    Increase in import duty to 15 percent from the former 10 percent resulted in an increase in smuggling. Security measures, for this reason, have been tightened at all airports in India. 

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