Germany: Sex Workers Demonstrated on Road to Lift The Curb of COVID-19 Restrictions on Work

  • Members of the 'Sex Workers Organization' in Germany took it to roads to appeal to politicians to east Coronavirus restrictions as that have prevented them from working during the pandemic. Groups that are representing as many as 40,000 sex workers officially registered in Germany have said that many have been forced to go underground since the closure of brothels in mid-March. Reports of sex workers being harassed, underpayments and economic instability is growing. They are also being forced to compromise their health because of clients' demands during meetings in non-formal settings. Though sex work has been legalized in  Germany in 2002 the lawmakers are being accused of failing to address issues with regard to sex work due to stigma attached to it. The Federal Association of Erotic and Sex Services also said that politicians seem to have "deliberately neglected by Germany's politicians".

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