Germany creates a third gender

  • Given that one in every 2,000 people are neither male nor female, Germany has created an option for parents to not fill in the gender spot on their baby's birth certificate. 

    The new law has created a third gender for "intersex" people, who are born with ambiguous genitalia. Hence, in addition to M (male) and F (female), there will now be an option of picking X (intersex). Such individuals can choose to remain intersex their entire lives or identify themselves as being male or female. 

    Germany found out that babies who are subjected to sex assignment surgery end up being unhappy later on in life. The law attempts to relax the parents so they don't take such decisions in haste. However, the law could also backfire and put more pressure on the parents since some of them wouldn't want their child to be entered with this assignment in the register of births. 

    Some are also worried about these intersex people not having the space to be themselves when they grow up since schools separate bathrooms and some school activities based on gender. 

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