German weekly: NSA is infiltrating EU embassies

  • A weekly news publication in Germany has stated that National Security Agency, the intelligence service of US has been bugging EU embassies located in New York and Washington. It has further stated that the EU office in Brussels has been bugged as well and the internal computer systems of these offices have been hacked into by the NSA.  It has revealed in its newest edition that this information has come from documents that were dated September 2010 and were marked as top secret by the NSA and were later leaked by Edward Snowden, a former contractor of the NSA.

    The weekly magazine has revealed that the bugging enabled NSA to have a sneak peek of the various discussions of EU as well as get hold of the internal documents and the e-mails in the computer networks. The report states that the bugging at the Brussels office of EU was accomplished 5 years back. Incidentally, the Justus Lipsius Building serves as the head office of the European Council as well as the EU Council of Ministers. It also houses the offices of the various countries that are members of the EU and often holds ministerial meets of high level officials. The counter espionage officers of EU have found out that the infiltration is happening in the NATO head offices of Brussels.