Gang who raped American tourist in Rio now in prison

  • The gang who raped an American student on a Rio minibus while forcing her boyfriend to watch the crime has now been put behind bars. 

    The driver and conductor have been sentenced to 49 years in jail; another man got 21 years and the 14-year-old boy is awaiting trial. According to the New York Times, 49 years is too long a sentence for Brazil since 30 years is the limit according to the law. The offenders could, however, serve another sentence in connection with the rape of another women in Brazil who had reported her case a week before the American woman did but hers wasn't investigated by the police. 

    The Brazilian woman said she believes the authorities are still more interested in dealing with the tourist's case rather than hers. "But I'm comforted a little knowing these criminals will go to prison."

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