G8 announces investigation into Syria chemical weapon use

  • French President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday that an international probe would be launched into the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria.

    Speaking at a news conference at the G8 summit in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, Hollande said: “…Regarding the use of chemical weapons, of course we condemned the use of chemical weapons, that was the minimum. But it's also been agreed that an international investigation will be led in Syria in order to get confirmation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria and report will be given to the Security Council.”

    He added it was the responsibility of the G8 to maintain pressure on both the Syrian government and opposition to attend peace talks at the Geneva conference slated for next month.

    "Geneva is the possibility for a political transition. Geneva is a duty for all of us to exert pressure on the Syrian regime and as far as we're concerned, on the Syrian opposition so that all the concerned parties come to the negotiation table. Not just to be at the table but to find a political solution through this transition," Hollande added.

    Syria dominated the agenda on the final day of the two-day Group of Eight leaders summit.

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