G-7 meet concludes with no commitment on Paris Agreement from President Trump

  • As per reports, leaders of G-7 meeting in Sicily, Italy were looking forward to convincing President Trump to remain committed to the Paris Agreement on climate change, an agreement that came after years of hectic negotiations. It didn’t happen. The US President remained non-committal on the US position saying he needed more time to think it over. 

    He was more forthcoming on other priority issues like trade ‘protectionism’. His hard stance on established trade protocols, including the terms of NAFTA and bilateral trade with Mexico and Canada, had the G-7 worried. 

    Without elaborating too much, President Trump did say he was committed to ‘fighting protectionism’. ‘Terrorism and security’ took up a large part of the discussions, with other issues of migration into Europe, the crisis in Libya, etc, not getting the attention other leaders hoped for. The 6-page final communique was in contrast to the 32-page communique released after last year’s summit.