French Presidential Candidates in a Heated Face-off on Television

  • As per reports, Presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron went live on television in a much awaited debate that was expected to generate both heat and passion across the polarized country. And they didn’t disappoint.

    Far-Right candidate Marine Le Pen, 48, is pushing for France to leave the EU, dump the Euro in favour of the Franc and go after illegal immigration has left France deeply divided.

    Emmanuel Macron, 38, has been pushing more centrist agenda and went into the debate with opinion polls showing him leading Le Pen by 20 percentage points. The acrimony between the two peaked over terrorism and security policy with Le Pen accusing Macron of adopting a lax policy towards Islamist Fundamentalism and terror-related activity that has left 230 dead since 2015. Millions tuned into the debate as a last chance to hear them before the crucial vote on Sunday.