French President Macron seeks Clarity on Brexit after Theresa May's Resignation

  • French President Emmanuel Macron has stressed on the urgent need of “swift clarification” on Brexit after UK Prime Minister Theresa May has resigned. Macron made it clear that to maintain smooth functioning of the European Union there must be clarity on the Brexit issue as Theresa May resigned after failing thrice to come up with a unanimous Withdrawal Agreement of UK from the EU. The concerned Withdrawal Agreement was reached after arduous negotiations between erstwhile British PM Theresa May and the European Union, back in November. The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s spokesperson Mina Andreeva has said that Juncker “appreciated working with Prime Minister May” and went on to regard her as a courageous woman. European Commission has showed eagerness in working with May’s successor but made it clear that they’ll not make any changes in the already agreed upon Withdrawal Agreement.