French President Lauds Efforts of Police, Accuses Protestors for Chaos

  • French President Emmanuel Macron has accused the demonstrators of attacking the police in Paris. While President Macron lauded the efforts of the security personnel, he condemned those “who assaulted other citizens and journalists”. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner accused the chaos-creating protesters of being influenced by the far-right Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party. The demonstrators wearing distinctively visible "yellow vest" attire started their campaign against the rise in fuel prices. The “act two” of the demonstration now focuses against President Macron's policies including the rise in the cost of living. French interior ministry reports say over 100,000 people participated in around 1,600 protests throughout France on Saturday. While most of the protests were peaceful, a section of around 8,000 protesters in Paris became violent. In the morning, a part of the gathered protesters hurled stones at police, lit fires, and tore down street signs, and kicked off a chaos.