France "Yellow Vest" Protest Erupts into Violent Clash between Police & Protesters

  • Clashes between the “yellow vest” protesters and riot police continued during the 3rd weekend in French capital. The protest initially started off over increasing fuel taxes. It has now transformed into general protest over higher living costs and sinking living standards. French police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse the protesters. The protesters, wearing fluorescent emergency vests, got violent. They scaled the Arc de Triomphe monument in central Paris, hurled projectiles, set buildings on fire, looted stores, torched cars, painted building with graffiti, and thereby locked down Central Paris on Saturday afternoon. French President Emmanuel Macron has denounced the violent protests. During the worst ever urban violence in France over a decade, more than 110 people were reportedly injured including 17 security force members. Till now more than 270 persons were arrested by French police.