France calls on UN to enforce Annan peace plan

  • French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has said he will push the UN Security Council to make mediator Kofi Annan's Syria peace plan mandatory.

    France will propose that the joint UN-Arab League envoy’s six-point plan is enforced under the UN's Chapter Seven provision, he said.

    Fabius’ comments come a day after the UN’s peacekeeping chief declared the conflict in Syria had descended into a "civil war".

    Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned Russia its interests in the region will be compromised if it fails to act more constructively.

    Russia, along with China, both have a veto at the UN Security Council and have blocked two previous resolutions calling for tougher action against President Bashar al-Assad and his government.

    Under Annan’s plan, all armed violence has to come to an end and all parties must assure the provision of humanitarian assistance to all areas affected by the fighting.