France Braces for May 1 Protest March Against Le Pen

  • As per reports, France is gearing up for protest marches on May 1 against far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. The face-off between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron has already generated strong reactions from a polarized nation and the expected protest march on May 1 against Le Pen may see clashes breaking out between her supporters and protesters.

    Large numbers are expected to turn up in response to emotive calls by trade union leaders and other militant voices. The march is expected to begin from Place de la République and move towards Place de la Nation via Bastille.

    The French police and security forces are on high alert as they balance their resources between security against Islamic militants and supervising political events.

    Over 9,000 police personnel including gendarmes and soldiers are expected to be deployed but the biggest concern remains that one misguided individual who may trigger a violent chain of events.