Flood in Northern China: At least 78 Killed, 91 are Still Missing

  • Map showing location of Flood in Northern China

    At least 78 Killed, 91 are Still Missing

    July 23, 2016: The china flood has killed at least 78 people, while 91 are missing and around 400, 000 have been evacuated. The torrential rains triggered landslides and destroyed many houses. One of the most affected areas is the northern province of Hebei. According to the local police, failure of a river levee is responsible for the casualties.


    14 killed, 72 Missing in Northern China Flood

    July 21, 2016: The downpour has already claimed nearly 95,000 hectares of low-lying farmland and 1,200 homes. The damage caused by the deluge is estimated to be US$ 125 million. Up to 1.7 million people are facing issues with power supply, mobile communications, and roads.

    Heavy torrential rains since Monday have wreaked havoc in the Hebei province of northern China which includes the capital, Beijing. "Atleast 75 people are dead or missing and over 68,000 people have been displaced" said the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

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