First Train Connecting London, UK to Yiwu, China Completes 12,000 KM Run

  • As per reports, the first freight train that now links China directly to the UK covered a 12,000-kilometre (7,500-mile) trip before it arrived in the eastern Chinese city of Yiwu on Saturday. It became second-longest rail route in the world after the record-holding China-Madrid link.

    This train is an effort towards China’s drive to make trade links with Western Europe stronger along with a modern-day "Silk Road" route.

    The train departed London on April 10 and passed through various countries including France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan before reaching Yiwu. The train named East Wind carried whiskey and baby milk among its cargo.

    Location Map of First Direct Train Connecting Yiwu,China to London, UK